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Taxes are set up in Payify by creating tax rules for the regions you sell to.

The following tax settings and rates are applied to orders and subscriptions where enabled.

Tax settings

  • Automatic tax calculation - Enable to let Payify estimate tax rates at checkout.
  • Taxes are included in my prices - If you include taxes in your prices you can check this option.
  • Charge tax on shipping rates - Enable this option to have tax applied to shipping rates during checkout.

Tax regions

Tax rates are configured for the regions you sell to.

Setting up tax rates

To set up tax rates for a region:

  1. From your Payify dashboard, go to Settings > Taxes and go to the Tax regions section.
  2. Click Add tax region.
  3. Choose a State from the list.
  4. Click Ok.
  5. From the new state item, click the 3-dot menu and choose Edit region settings.
  6. Now click Add custom tax rate
  7. In Add custom tax rate dialog that pops up, enter a Zip code, State tax, and Local tax.
  8. Click Ok.
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