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A payment is a charge resulting from an order that was placed or a subscription's succesful billing attempt.

Payments can be viewed through the payment section of the Payify dashboard. Detailed information associated with each payment is available from that list and accessed by clicking the View button.


The following details the information available from the Payments section

  • Type - The type of payment. This will either be an Order or Subscription
  • Date - The date of the payment.
  • Customer - The customer who was charged.
  • Payment status - The current status of this payment.
  • Total - The amount of the payment.
  • Fee - The transaction fee for this charge. The rate used to calculate this fee is determined by your Payify plan.
  • Result - Specifies whether the charge attempt was a success.
  • Status - Specifies the status of the payment.

Issuing a refund

Customers can be refunded for the full amount of a payment or issued a partial refund.

To issue a refund:

  1. Go to Payments and click View on the payment you would like to refund.
  2. Click Refund payment.
  3. In the Issue refund dialog, enter a refund amount that is less than the order total minus any previous refund amounts.
  4. Click Ok to complete the refund.
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